Thanks for visiting my site! I am an author, but perhaps I should say “writer” because while I have had a few humor articles published (including the great honor of winning a Writer’s Digest competition!), I have not yet been paid for any writing. I am currently working on two books furiously, one fiction and one non-fiction. Click on those fancy little links to learn more about those projects, which I’m VERY excited about.

Read my blog here to follow my progress with those books as well as my writing process in general and any other (related) thing that I think is interesting enough to share with the world (Don’t worry, what I ate for dinner does not qualify). I’ll even put up some samples of the books to build your excitement to unimaginable heights.

Follow the adventures of my blog as I prepare for the inevitable widely anticipated publication of my first book and build a global following of loyal eager fans.

Please share your comments or let me know if you have any questions.